The Sharat's

This is a list of my public projects and experiments. You can follow me on Github for updates on my current work and future experiments.


Oct 2017 · Project Page

A Java thread dump analyser that works entirely in the browser. I built this to help analysing thread dumps taken at regular intervals and finding the root causes for performance problems in Java applications. It handles dumps with ~800 threads per dump gracefully but starts to slightly lag after that.

Developed using the Vue.js library.


May 2012 · Project Page

A plugin manager for zsh, inspired by oh-my-zsh and vundle. This is one of the first of it's kind and has inspired many alternative plugin managers for zsh as well as other popular shells.

This is currently being maintained by the community, the zsh-users organizations on Github.

Other Experiments

ti — Time Tracker
A simple light weight command line time tracker (currently in under 150 lines of bash).
Figs is a library for reading ini like configuration files easily. Figs leverages the ConfigParser module from python's standard libraries.
A chrome app, a clone of the masterminds game.
A simple lights-off game written using the LÖVE-2D engine for Lua.
A lightweight alternative to virtualenvwrapper.
A chrome extension for all powerful hotkeys.
A tool to regularly take screenshots and save them, to help me see what the hell I've been doing all day.
A tool to visualise PATH like environment variables, filter ones that exist, search through them, search inside them, and other goodness.
Sane bindings for zsh's vi mode so it behaves more vim like.
A simple cross-platform LAN file sharing utility. Inspired by ipmsg.

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