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  1. April 2020

  2. The Python print function python print-function tutorial
  3. March 2020

  4. Dependency Injection In Python python python-importlib python-inspect reflection
  5. The Magic of AutoHotkey — Part 2 autohotkey productivity windows automation
  6. Automating the Vim workplace — Chapter Ⅲ vim productivity
  7. The Weird global python rant
  8. The Magic of AutoHotkey autohotkey productivity windows automation workflow
  9. February 2020

  10. Guide to Comprehensions in Python python programming tutorial
  11. Automating the Vim workplace — Chapter Ⅱ vim productivity
  12. Python's itertools.groupby callable python tutorial python-itertools itertools-groupby
  13. The tar Command Clipboard shell bash tar tutorial command-clipboard
  14. January 2020

  15. Working with Strings in Python python programming reference tutorial
  16. Automating the Vim workplace vim productivity
  17. Python's map builtin function python programming reference
  18. January 2018

  19. The Jython Pillow Guide python jython java polyglot
  20. September 2017

  21. The Python Dictionary python programming data-structures reference
  22. August 2017

  23. Migrate from Pelican to Hugo hugo meta awk python
  24. April 2012

  25. The ever useful and neat subprocess module python programming python-subprocess tutorial
  26. February 2012

  27. Serializing python-requests' Session objects for fun and profit python python-requests python-pickle
  28. September 2011

  29. Dependency graph of all installed gems ruby gem graphviz bash tips
  30. Vim undo breaks with auto-close plugins vim vim-plugins
  31. Implementing an expressive search system with clojure clojure
  32. February 2011

  33. Installing Crunchbang Linux on my old lappy crunchbang linux
  34. December 2010

  35. A tasty vim configuration setup with Vimpire and Pathogen vim vim-plugins vimpire pathogen

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