Quick insecure TOTP

This is about a Hammerspoon script I have that gives me a super-fast way to fill in TOTP fields in MFA logins.

NOTE: This method of doing MFA is very likely, very unsafe. If you are any bit unsure about anything here, please stay away from this document.


Hammerspoon is a very convenient and powerful system automation system, that can be programmed in Lua, for macOS. It’s been my replacement for AutoHotkey after moving away from Windows.

Install with:

brew install hammerspoon

TOTP Script

Four pieces to this.

One, open ~/.hammerspoon/init.lua, create if it doesn’t exist. Ensure you have the following line, perhaps among many others:


Two, in ~/.hammerspoon/totp-generator.lua, put the following content:

local os = require("os")
local gauth = require("gauth")

local mfa_note_path = os.getenv("HOME") .. "/.hammerspoon/otp-codes.csv"
local keys = nil

function init()
    hs.hotkey.bind({"alt"}, "n", launch)
    hs.pathwatcher.new(mfa_note_path, function()
        keys = loadItems()
    keys = loadItems()

local chooser = hs.chooser.new(function(item)
    if item == nil then

    local hash = gauth.GenCode(item._key, math.floor(os.time() / 30))
hs.eventtap.keyStrokes(("%06d"):format(hash)) end) chooser:queryChangedCallback(function(query) if query == "" then chooser:choices(nil) end local choices = {} for _, item in pairs(filter(query, keys) or {}) do table.insert(choices, item) end chooser:choices(choices) end) function launch() chooser:choices(nil) chooser:query("") chooser:show() end function filter(query, items) if query == "" then return nil end local lowerQuery = query:lower() local result = {} for _, item in pairs(items) do if item.text:lower():find(lowerQuery) ~= nil then table.insert(result, item) end end return result end function loadItems() local f = io.open(mfa_note_path, "r") local content = f:read("*all") f:close() local entries = {} -- Ref: https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html#6.4.1 for title, key, desc in string.gmatch(content, "%s*(.-)%s*,%s*(.-)%s*,%s*(.-)%s*\n") do print(title, desc) table.insert(entries, { text=title, subText=desc, _key=string.lower(string.gsub(key, "%s+", "")), }) end return entries end return { init=init, }

Three, download the gauth.lua file, and place it in ~/.hammerspoon folder. This is what does the bulk of the work, so thanks to teunvink for this!

Four, in the file ~/.hammerspoon/opt-codes.csv, add your TOTP code data, one per line, like this:

Mail,abcd efghi jklmn opqrst, Personal Mail Account
Another,onemoretotpcodehere, Another nice account

Each line contains three entries, separated by commas. First is a title, short and easily identifiable, second is the TOTP Key, third is a description that you could include any longer explanation for yourself.

The TOTP Key in the second column is given by the MFA provider when configuring MFA. We are usually asked to scan the QR code on our phones when setting this up, but we can also get a TOTP Key, usually hidden behind a button that reads something like Can't scan the code?. Copy that key and put an entry here.

Now start/reload Hammerspoon.

Now, while your cursor is in a TOTP field, hit Opt+n and start searching for any entry from the CSV file, and hit Enter on the entry you want to be filled in.



Again, this can be very convenient, but is not very secure. The way I use it on my system is quite a bit different from what I demonstrate here, but that’s only because I don’t want to show off the exact format I am using. So feel free to tweak the CSV format and use something else like JSON or some other encrypted source altogether, like the pass CLI, perhaps. But, I can’t speak for that.

Keep your keys safe. They are nothing less than passwords.

Thank you for reading.