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I am Shrikant. This is my blog/website where I write stuff about the work I do and things I've learnt.

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Hello! We're building Appsmith, an open-source internal tool builder with drag-and-drop widget builder, support for several databases and REST APIs. Check us out at, or the repo at GitHub.

Also checkout my current weekend project, Prestige, a simple text based HTTP client for API developers (like Postman) at, or the repo at GitHub.


This is an HTTP service with endpoints that are useful when testing any HTTP client, like a browser, a library, or any API developer tool. It's heavily inspired by httpbin.


A suite of little power tools for developers and powers users.

Just a calendar

An easily reachable endpoint to have a calendar to look at. No signup, no setup, no downloads, no flash and very little features. Perfect when you want to show a calendar and talk about dates when sharing your screen in a presentation or meeting.

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